Another great production by AV-Image.
Supporting a movie like this with exclusive music, sound design and mix, was a fun thing to do!

AMPA Agency

“Chaotic but cosy, with a weird flute solo”, this is how this one started…
The lovely people at AMPA Agency immediately loved what we did over here!
Making music that fits the images, adding sound effects, giving each character a little voice and even mixing the whole thing for broadcast and online purposes…
We simply loved working on this one!

Sint-Niklaas: Street Art
Pretty Fly & Stadsbestuur Sint-Niklaas



The city of Sint-Niklaas (BE) has a lot of urban things going on lately.
An excellent example is the brand new StreetArt Map, guiding you from the one work of art to the other.
A brainstorm session with Melvin Vanderstylen (Pretty Fly) lead us quickly from a vague idea to this wonderful result.
We wanted to give this video the right “urban” feel, so iRRi picked up the drumsticks and created this “breakbeat” type of track,
accompanied by Beatbox Champion Footbox G.
No audio was recorded during the video shoot, so iRRi also took care of the Sound Design.

Home by Quick-Step
Hotel Hungaria

Hotel Hungaria wanted to create a new sound for everything Quick-Step.
For this TV commercial we really went back and forth to make the music match the images.

At iRRi, we also took care of the sound design, voice over recordings and mixing of all different language versions.

Next to this commercial, we also made jingles and three variations of music to be used in communications of the different branches Quick-Step is active in.

Dieter Decostere (Director) about this partnership:
Working with Seppe was an absolute delight. He immediately understood the kind of soundtrack we required for our TV-commercial. After a nice chat he provided us quickly with a music track that complemented the images and truly lifted them. Always open for feedback he added sound effects, ADR and perfectly fitting voices to bring our film to a next level.  From a directors point of view, his cozy studio is an inspiring and internationally orientated place to both work with voice actors and finetune the whole APP.

Seppe is perfectly equipped to tailor his work to the needs of each individual client or project. Versatile, dedicated, vibrant, experienced and unique in his sympathetic approach. I would recommend working with Seppe to any professional.